Monday, March 30, 2009

Dream becomes nightmare!

I thought this was funny especially since I slept through it all! Dean was dreaming yesterday morning (Sunday) that he was vacuuming the pews in the chapel. All of a sudden, he jumped out of bed, (it was 6:15 a.m.) and ran into the kitchen to see if it was our week to clean the church. There was a note on the fridge and it was indeed our week so he hurried & dressed and drove over to the church. Sure enough, no one had cleaned even though 3 families were assigned. He hurried as fast as he could to do all the cleaning except vacuuming before he got caught! He got home just as I was getting up. Sometimes it doesn't pay to listen to the spirit if you're the only one!

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Car

So this is my wrecked car that I had driven for 13 years. I was a little sad to see it for the last time because it was a such a good car for me.

After trying out quite a few SUV type cars all over town on Saturday, we decided to make one last stop to drive this 2003 Honda Pilot. I wasn't really considering it but wanted to go ahead and say that I had test driven them all so I would feel like I had made an educated decision. Well, I couldn't believe the difference in driving this one compared to all the others. It was certainly in a class above them and handled so well. It was priced a little higher than we had planned but Dean knows me well enough to know that I would not have been happy with any of the others after driving the Honda so he made it work (or will be making it work out for the next few years)! I absolutely love it! I know Little Dean will want to go somewhere with us and try out the DVD player! Rachel's girls liked it and Layla even rode in the very back because we had to find the seat belts and that took a little detective work. It has 4-wheel drive, anti-lock brakes and air bags--all of which are almost a necessity now. I feel like I'm truly a Wyomingite now! Thanks honey-Dean for spoiling me yet again!

This is Seryn at our Valentine's Cookie bake with her swollen eye.

Layla came over to put her scrapbook together. We had a fun time and they all turned out great!

Lylli & I at the cookie bake. I should have one with her playing the piano. I'm teaching her and she is doing really well.
I don't have pictures of Natalie and Carson to post. We read via skype on Thursdays but I'm not sure how good the pictures in the books are because they pixillate (is that a word?) a lot.