Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Name Game

Dean got engaged last week to Leah Frakes. We're very excited to have her in our family but I just have to laugh at the irony of it all. When we were expecting Rachel and trying to think of names, we threw out Lauralee on the premise that Lauralee Lorimer was just too many "L" sounds for her to live with. So what does she do? She marries Shane Rager and becomes RAchel RAger for eternity! Next, Michelle marries Mike Gibbs. Michelle & Michael are the SAME NAME except one is for a girl and the other a boy. It turns out Mike has a sister-in-law also named Michelle Gibbs. Then, they named their son Carson Michael, their daughter Natalie Michelle and I found out later that Shane's middle name is Michael. So the family is full of Michael/Michelles. Now, we get to Dean who we named after his Dad even though we knew it would be confusing at times. We didn't call him Paul because I have a brother named that. All the nicknames didn't really appeal to me either but somehow "Little Dean" stuck the best. Of course, he is now much taller than "Big Dean". I realized that when Dean marries Leah, she will be Leah Lorimer; not quite as many "L's" as Lauralee unless her middle name is Laura. So I guess it was destined to be--the "L" people, the "R" people, the Dean's and Michelle/Michael's, and I'm the lonesome Beverly. Maybe I can join the the "L" clan by leaving out the Bever. Just call me Ly Lorimer!
PS I'm just musing. Please don't take this as an insult to your name.