Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Days!

Santa came on Christmas Eve and almost everybody sat on his lap. Some people weren't good enough to get a present but at least we all got a good laugh! Thanks Santa!

Here's Rob singing and sitting on Santa's lap. Rob's a big kid but Santa knew how to handle him!

Tina & Cindy got to tell Santa what they wanted. I think Dean was promised a lump of coal.
The Rager girls don't think the real Santa comes to my house because the real one goes to church with them! You'll have to ask Mandy what she thinks about him. She caught on pretty fast last year!
We have the same love birds (Shawn & Angela) as last year! They're cute!

I've got some Christmas pictures to post. Keep in mind that not only am I trying to figure out how to post them, I had to download them MYSELF because I couldn't find the file Dean put them in before! I want a computer that I can talk to and it does what I tell it to do! Sorry Little Dean is sideways. Does anyone know how to turn him around?

We got lots of snow over the weekend! The good news is that I had to stay home since my car won't maneuver the deep snow yesterday and the big drifts in the driveway today. The bad news is that I'm too old to enjoy playing out in the snow and I don't get paid. However, I did get in some extra scrapbooking time! I'm supposed to play the organ for the Bach's Lunch on Feb. 4 but I can't get out to practice so that's not very good either. I think I'm going to have to play very slow, easy stuff or practice every day for the rest of the week!
Well, there's still lots of weird stuff happening with the pictures & comments, but the computer is stubborn and I am just going to get frustrated. Hopefully you can figure out which pictures go with which words!


Dean Lorimer said...

There are some funny pictures there. I look pretty much stoned in that picture with you at the piano. Good thing Santa didn't see that one!

Amy said...

I like the pictures, even the one on its side. When you open the picture on the computer, see if there is a tool bar at the top, look for image and then look for the rotate image button. Rotate it and then save it. Good luck!

Michelle said...

downloading pictures and then getting the words where you want them is the worst part about blogging, but you'll figure out the quirks soon enough. We've got two sick kids here (colds) but Mike is feeling great!